26-th International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum
December 2-5,  Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

The Company “Alfit Plus” has been engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of high-quality health, prophylactic and cosmetic products based on natural plants and herbs for more than 10 years.

Our priorities:

*Quality. the quality and safety management system has been introduced at all production stages : from purchasing raw materials to storing and transporting the finished product (quality management system ISO 22000);

* Ecologically clean raw materials. The purchase of raw materials is carried out in companies that have been tested by many years of cooperation;

* Usage of advanced technologies and up-to-date equipment for the manufacture of products;

* Usage of a unique formulation developed by Sergey Valeryevich Korepanov, Phytotherapeutist and Candidate of Medical Sciences;

* Customer-oriented moderate prices;

* Stable quality of products and principles of the Company.

The Company has more than 100 plant-based products in its assortment: cosmetic and prophylactic series of creams, phytoteas in capsules, filter bags and briquettes, flaxseed cereals, honey, edible oils, non-alcoholic balms, bath phyto-preparations, monoherbs.

The formulation of each product of the Company is a combination of the centuries-old experience of traditional medicine and the latest scientific achievements. The production capabilities of the Company “Alfit Plus” allow us to preserve the whole range of natural active substances, contributing to the optimal functioning of human systems, ensuring good health and longevity.

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Altay Seligor
Altay Seligor is a company with 27 years experience in producing healthy food additives. Starting from non-alcoholic balsams with Altay herbs in 1991, nowadays the company produces high quality cold-pressed oils, vitamin drops (dragees) for kids, herbal tea blends.

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Scientific and production company "Melamed" is engaged in research, development and manufacture of biologically active food supplements and health food products in 2012.The company's ideology is to work on natural sources of health, scientific evidence of their efficiency and manufacture quality products in accordance with the highest standards.1000 sq m of production space allows the realization of large industrial projects.

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Sava, TPK , LTD

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Currently the company has a production site with highly developed engineering infrastructure.The site is 2 kilometers from the village in a picturesque and ecologically clean place. The main object is a factory for the processing of vegetable raw materials with a production area of over 8 thousand sq. m. the Location of the enterprise and the conditions for its development can be called perfect. Production site area of more than 10 ha outside the village allows you to expand and develop the existing production system.Its main product is a wide range of dense and dry extracts of vegetative raw materials and Wellness products made on their basis. Viterra owns a complete set of technologies for processing different types of natural materials — grass, bark, roots, leaves, coniferous raw material, mushrooms, peat, mud, antlers and more. Viterra is a leading domestic manufacturer of plant extracts, extracts delivers more than two hundred companies in Russia and abroad (Korea, Serbia, Germany, Canada, China, Japan).A complete closed cycle of production from raw material to final products, processing of fresh plant material and the use of innovative technologies are creating significant competitive advantages in the production of substances and products on their basis and generate reasonable prices for goods.

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Our company is one of the few manufacturers of children's vitamin and preventative products in the form of delicious chocolates and natural herbal syrups and dietary Supplements and balms for adults on the basis of pantohematogen, who can confidently Express themselves, our main difference is that no one on the team can say, "I don't care what to produce and sell".

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