26-th International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum
December 2-5,  Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

The Company “Alfit Plus” has been engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of high-quality health, prophylactic and cosmetic products based on natural plants and herbs for more than 10 years.

Our priorities:

*Quality. the quality and safety management system has been introduced at all production stages : from purchasing raw materials to storing and transporting the finished product (quality management system ISO 22000);

* Ecologically clean raw materials. The purchase of raw materials is carried out in companies that have been tested by many years of cooperation;

* Usage of advanced technologies and up-to-date equipment for the manufacture of products;

* Usage of a unique formulation developed by Sergey Valeryevich Korepanov, Phytotherapeutist and Candidate of Medical Sciences;

* Customer-oriented moderate prices;

* Stable quality of products and principles of the Company.

The Company has more than 100 plant-based products in its assortment: cosmetic and prophylactic series of creams, phytoteas in capsules, filter bags and briquettes, flaxseed cereals, honey, edible oils, non-alcoholic balms, bath phyto-preparations, monoherbs.

The formulation of each product of the Company is a combination of the centuries-old experience of traditional medicine and the latest scientific achievements. The production capabilities of the Company “Alfit Plus” allow us to preserve the whole range of natural active substances, contributing to the optimal functioning of human systems, ensuring good health and longevity.

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Russian manufacturer-quality in the world!
EKOlab has more than 25 years, is a manufacturer of diagnostic kits and drugs. The company produces medicines available to the public at a price not inferior in quality to the more expensive counterparts. Among them: the suspension Nifuroxazide is an antimicrobial agent used in bacterial diarrhea, syrup loratadine antiallergic action, Ambroxol syrup used in cough, Ibuprofen syrup from the pain and the heat, Licorice Syrup, Pertussin ECO-friendly, Lugol and Menovazin in a convenient format in the form of spray as well as all the known tinctures such as Valerian, motherwort,hawthorn, and others. is Preparing to release new BAD "ECO-Cardio Phyto" which have a mild sedative effect.

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JLLC "Lekpharm"
JLLC "lekfarm" – one of the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus. It is intensively developing company in the sphere of development, production and sale of medicines with an advanced certified equipment that meets the requirements of the international GMP standard, the hallmark of which were new production, multi-stage quality control and highly skilled personnel.
JLLC "lekfarm" produces a wide range of drugs in solid forms (tablets and capsules), powders for oral administration and injections in vials, which are supplied not only to the market of Belarus, but also abroad: Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq. It is a drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, cough medicines and vitamin-mineral complexes.
JLLC "lekfarm" "As available"basis.

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Magazine “Polyclinic”
Magazine “Polyclinic”
Tel./fax: 007 495 672 70 29 (92)
Electrodnaya str., 10, Moscow, Russia, 111524
http ://
The “Polyclinic” has been published since 1999. It’s oriented on general managers and all doctors. There are: information about legislative and normative documents in the field of health protection; practical medicine and science news; specialists consultations; articles about new medicals, medical techniques and radiology diagnosis, physiotherapeutic cure ways.
Magazine format: A4. Volume ? 150 pages. Circulation - 11 700, 1 time in 2 months. Distribution: subscription through "Rospechat" & editorial office; direct mail among Medical and Preventive Treatment Facilities; at exhibitions.

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UE “Minskinterkaps” is a pharmaceutical enterprise that occupies a leading position in production of medicines in hard and soft gelatin capsules. In the range of products there are vitamins and vitamin-mineral complexes, agents for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, nootropic and antiallergenic drugs, as well as medicines based on medicinal plant material. Raw materials for manufacture of medicines are purchased from Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA. Export geography of Minskinterkaps is constantly expanding. Today it is about 23 countries.
Production of drugs in soft and hard gelatin capsules meets the requirements of GMP. Production to the food in soft and hard capsules is certified for compliance with HACCP requirements of the European Union. High quality products, flexible pricing policy, equipment of leading world manufacturers, individual approach to customers allow to provide consumers with effective, high-quality, safe medicines.

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